This is what the PlayStation Store and PlayStation Plus menus look like on the PS5

The embargo on PlayStation 5 content expired last Wednesday, causing a flood of new information about the console. In case you missed it: we formulate our opinion about the PlayStation 5 and earlier the DualSense.

Meanwhile, the internet is full of fun facts, reviews and videos. The console saw its release in America four days ago and it was also delivered to select media and influencers well in advance. This way we learn a lot about the device before it is even out here. A number of things have remained the same, but an awful lot has been renewed and changed.

So also the PlayStation Store. This can be seen in images that PlayStation Universe recently shared. But that’s not all! The PlayStation Plus menu has also undergone a complete transformation, partly due to the addition of the PlayStation Plus Collection. You can see below how these two go through life.



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