American top athletes are pleased with Biden’s presidency

On Saturday, prominent people from the American sports world were mostly pleased with the victory of Joe Biden in the presidential election. Many prominent athletes are happy that Donald Trump is being succeeded by the Democrat.

Basketball legend LeBron James in particular makes himself heard after Biden’s victory. The Los Angeles Lakers player, who is very involved politically, expresses his joy in a number of posts on Twitter.

“My Philadelphia family! Thank you, thank you, thank you. Let’s celebrate! Well, responsibly, of course,” 35-year-old James writes in one of his tweets.

Top football player Megan Rapinoe, who also often expresses her political preference, is also happy with Biden’s victory. “Congratulations, also to the female vice president Kamala Harris!” She writes, among other things.

“I cannot describe enough how historic and incredible this is for Kamala Harris, for black and South Asian women and for America. Let’s never look back to the past.”

Top tennis players Naomi Osaka and Sloane Stephens also made themselves heard on Twitter, as did other prominent figures from football and basketball, among others.


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