About SwaggMedia

SwaggMedia is a Multi-Media Digital Platform created by influencer Craig Nobles.

In addition to existing as  a media agency with marketing, brand support and live event production, SwaggMedia has been an innovator in virtual reality, QR Codes and Live Streaming Content.

Swagg is gearing up for its SpBasketball Ball Tournament, scheduled to take place in March in Los Angeles. This event is expected to draw upwards of 10,000 hoops fans, along with players from the various street ball leagues around Southern California and in the neighboring region.

The tournament will feature a mock-up of the many Skills Challenges similar to NBA All-Star Weekend: a Slam Dunk contest, 3 Point Shoot-Out, Best Ballhandling to a Beat, and a Who Can Jump the Highest contest. Winners will be eligible for cash prizes, TBA. “This will also be a showcase to display all of the various technologies and partnerships that Swagg Media has,” says Nobles. “We’re also solidifying some high-profile performers for a concert to cap off the tournament.”

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