US gives green light for Pfizer vaccine, first shot within 24 hours

Coronavirus vaccination in the United States can begin now that drug watchdog FDA has approved the Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine. According to President Trump, the first injection will be administered within 24 hours. The vaccine is free to all Americans.

According to Trump, this is one of the greatest scientific milestones in history. “They said we weren’t going to get it done, but today we achieved our goal,” he said in a taped speech. “The pandemic may have started in China, but we will end it here, in America.”

Elderly and care workers
The vaccines are on their way to all US states, where they will be administered in the coming weeks. Millions of Americans could be vaccinated this month, especially if Moderna’s vaccine is approved soon. That decision from the FDA is expected next week.

As in many other countries, the elderly and care workers are the first to come to reduce the number of deaths. In the US, nearly 300,000 people have died from Covid-19.

The US is the fifth country to allow the Pfizer vaccine. Previously, Great Britain, Bahrain, Canada and Mexico did the same last night. The European Union expects to give a definitive answer at the end of this month.

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