Thousands of additional security forces to swear in Biden • Pence congratulates Harris on incoming vice president

Capitol Police, in charge of Congressional security in Washington, are investigating whether Congressmen unauthorized admission of visitors in the days leading up to the storming of the building. A number of Congressmen would be concerned about that.

AP – Nancy Pelosi at the press conference.
This became clear on Friday during a press conference by Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic Speaker of the House of Representatives. Mikie Sherill, a Democratic Congressman from New Jersey, is said to have watched colleagues lead a group of people on a “reconnaissance tour” of the Capitol on the day before the riots. More than 30 Democrats have asked in a letter for more information about all tours of the building. Pelosi warned that anyone who assisted the rioters in an attempt to reverse the election results would be punished for doing so.

Thousands of men extra for security around Biden swearing-in
A total of up to 25,000 reservists will be deployed to protect President Biden’s swearing-in. The Department of Defense has promised to send thousands more men to Washington, the US capital. More than 20,000 reserve forces of the National Guard had already been pledged, some of which are already providing security in the run-up to the inauguration.

The massive force is considered necessary after the storming of parliament in Washington more than a week ago by supporters of outgoing President Trump. Authorities fear new acts of violence by Trump fanatics, among others. (ANP)

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Mike Pence congratulates Kamala Harris on upcoming vice president
Vice President Mike Pence has called up-and-coming Vice President Kamala Harris to congratulate her and offer his assistance ahead of the inauguration due next week. It’s the first conversation between the outgoing and upcoming team: President Trump has refused to call Joe Biden and congratulate him on the victory.

Pence and Harris, who had not spoken since an election debate in the fall, described the conversation as “courteous” and “pleasant”. The New York Times writes that Pence and his wife may meet the new vice president and her husband in their home before the inauguration, before Harris and her husband move into the residency themselves. However, these plans are still uncertain, also because of the security measures that will be taken around the inauguration.

Normally, on the morning of the inauguration, the outgoing first family meets the president-to-be and his family at the White House. That will not happen this time. Trump will fly to Florida in the morning on the day of the inauguration, where he will be living, and will not be present at the inauguration. Mike Pence is there, and Joe Biden has said his presence is an important example of the peaceful transmission.


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