Shazam predicts upcoming artists of 2021

Shazam already thinks he knows which emerging artists will be big in 2021. The app has even created a special playlist for Apple Music with musical promises for the coming year.

Shazam knows what scores
We use Shazam en masse to discover just that one tune from the commercials, for example. Because we use this so much, the service also has a lot of musical data that can be used for other purposes. For example, Shazam has now compiled a special playlist on Apple Music with upcoming artists from 2021. The list includes Serena Isioma, Tai Verdes and Blackstarkids.

Shazam predictions 2021
Shazam calls the list on Apple Music the Shazam 2021 predictions. The playlist features 50 songs from emerging artists that the service says are “ready to take the plunge.” The list was not simply chosen by Shazam, but was created by the predictive algorithm of the service. The Apple Music editors then selected 50 songs from it. Shazam can see from the data that interest in certain artists is growing in multiple countries – and that this is consistently the case, which really means that there is a bullish trend.

The Shazam predictions in Apple Music

Shazam has a nose for what does or doesn’t score. Billie Eilish broke through in 2019, but she was already on the list for emerging artists in 2015. Apple Music has selected five artists for this year to put extra in the limelight:

Masked Wolf: This hip-hop artist from Australia is already in the overall Apple Music top 10 with his song “Astronaut in the Ocean”.
BLACKSTARKIDS: A Kansas City trio that got trending on Shazam in September 2020.
Serena Isioma: The Nigerian-American singer-songwriter has her song “King” on Apple Music’s New Music Daily playlist.
Tai Verdes: An indie artist who was picked up by Shazam in July 2020.
LB Spiffy: A rapper who has been an up and coming artist on Shazam since 2017.
Shazam even easier to use
Shazam has been a hugely popular app to recognize music, especially since 2009. It is very useful if you just hear a nice tune on the radio or in a movie. Apple also saw the added value of the company and bought Shazam in 2018. This makes it a lot easier for iPhone users to use Shazam. Shazam has been built into Siri for a long time, you can easily start Shazam via the control panel and even has its own widget for the home screen of your iPhone. There are also other apps to recognize music, but Shazam is the best known.




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