Joanna Marlow “The Business Connector & Author” New Book a “Spiritual Thriller”

Joanna Marlow Sacral Dimensions Trilogy  – The Business Connector & Author has promised a spiritual adventure & romance story, the book is a trilogy for book lovers to enjoy.

An executive business connector, founder of nonprofit Hussarians Power, and author Joanna H. Marlow, will soon release her first trilogy Sacral Dimensions. Joanna was born and raised in Poland, where she later graduated from Wroclaw University with a master degree in Polish literature. She worked as a middle and high school literature teacher for five years and an interior decorator. Though her work as a teacher and decorator were undoubtedly fulfilling, she sought to expand her horizons with an overseas move to the United States in 2004.  Through exploration in various careers, Joanna adopted a passion for spirituality and delved into the research of spiritual concepts. She believes everything and everyone is connected on an energetic level.

Today, Joanna self-identifies as a spiritual entrepreneur and connects CEOs of multimillion-dollar companies for strategic partnerships, joint ventures, and investment opportunities. Joanna’s multifaceted background and expansive spiritual knowledge enable her to identify synergistic connections in business quickly. Joanna successfully brings business opportunities and people together.  The Sacral Dimensions trilogy is a fantasy action adventure and romance drama. The book’s compelling prose will educate readers on the importance of Universal Energy Law, frequency, vibration, sacred crystals, visualization, and the benefits of a positive mindset.

Joanna hopes individuals see past their limits and never compare themselves to others. Her nonprofit, Hussarians Power, empowers emotional and physical abuse survivors by guiding them through a transformational life phase. She believes that everyone has a different soul alignment and a different life’s purpose. Joanna H. Marlow wants people to embrace their inner spirituality and transformation with her multiple endeavors, including her soon-to-release book.

Marlow says her book is scheduled for 2023 Spring Release and stay tuned for more juice details.

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