Biden cautiously favored for election win, Trump casts doubt

The current standings in the elections for president in the United States looks encouraging for Democratic candidate Joe Biden. President Donald Trump previously claimed the victory unfounded and now casts doubt on the legitimacy of the result.

Hopeful for the former vice president was the verdict of the AP news agency and other American media, which ruled Wednesday evening that Joe Biden has won in Wisconsin.

Biden also leads the important swing state of Michigan around 8.45 p.m. Dutch time, although the margin is not large. Arizona and Nevada also seem like the Democrats for now.

Bringing in those three states, too, would bring the former vice president to the magic number of 270 electors. It is expected that the counting of the votes may take a while. In Nevada, counting was stopped until Thursday morning.

The eyes are also still on the swing state of Pennsylvania. With 20 electors, this is an important state for both candidates to reach the required 270 electors and thus be proclaimed president. Trump is currently still in favor of this, but it is expected that Biden can quickly catch up when the votes from, for example, the metropolis of Philadelphia arrive.

Voting by post causes delays
More than 160 million Americans voted in this year’s election. That’s the largest number in 120 years, according to forecasts from the US Election Project. It now appears that 66.9 percent of those eligible to vote have voted.

Postal votes play a major role in these elections. The majority of these votes go to the Democrats. Trump has been trying to question the legitimacy and reliability of these votes for weeks, and continued on Wednesday through his Twitter account. The reason why it takes a long time for these results to arrive comes from the Republeines. In several swing states, Trump’s party prevented post votes from being counted before election day.

These important states are still uncertain
Pennsylvania (20 electorial votes)
Michigan (16 electorial votes)
Arizona (11 electorial votes)
Georgia (16 electorial votes)
North Carolina (15 electorial votes)
Nevada (6 electorial votes)

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