Twitter, Facebook and Instagram suspend Trump account

US President Donald Trump’s account on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter has been blocked for several hours because of messages he posted on Wednesday about the violent storming of the Capitol.

Twitter has blocked the sitting president’s account for 12 hours. His account on Facebook and Instagram has been suspended for 24 hours.

According to Twitter, tweets from the president about the storm are in violation of the code of conduct. Twitter wants Trump to delete three tweets. After removal, he may not tweet for twelve hours as a punishment, and as long as the tweets are still there, his account remains suspended.

If Trump continues to post such tweets, he could be permanently banned, the social network said.

Snapchat has also locked Trump’s account, a spokesperson confirms to TechCrunch. It is not clear how long that suspension will last. Snap says it wants to thoroughly monitor the situation before the decision is reviewed.

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